Noa Capital LLC

offers Bitcoin and cryptocurrency consulting services, focused on regions with complex regulation. 

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Specializing in security and custody, merchant services, and macroeconomic research, our services are available on both an hourly and ad hoc basis. Whether you’re learning about Bitcoin for the first time or integrating it into your business or estate, we can help. Our goal is to make our world a little more Bitcoin-friendly.

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Our Partners:

Trevor Allen
Trevor Allen is an architect who has been engrossed by Bitcoin since 2017. When he’s not researching bitcoin, he specializes in facade architecture on high-rise developments. He manages a cryptoasset portfolio with more than 200% lifetime CAGR.

Adam Simon

Adam is an artist with a soft spot for emergent tech. At Nanome Inc., he specialized in managing multi-million-dollar cryptoasset portfolios with multi-sig and offshore accounts. Earlier, he served as a blockchain researcher at Mediachain Labs (a16z). He has been fascinated by Bitcoin since 2011.
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